Training Toolkit

This study will build on the EXCELERATE (WP11) training grant.

WP1: Publication and adoption of the ELIXIR Training toolkit:

This Work Package will draft a Training Handbook detailing all of the materials developed so far, aiming to provide a comprehensive reference resource for developing training capacity. 

  • Course development and organisation,
  • Instructor training, impact assessment,
  • Online documentation for implementing Bioschemas specifications, etc
  • Expanding existing training programs rolling out new ones
  • A one-stop shop that consolidates all best practices and guidelines

WP2: Toolkit expansion – Impact assessment

This Work Package will tailor the strategy and core metrics developed through EXCELERATE to also measure the impact that training is having on ELIXIR Services, Platforms and Communities through

  • Short term surverys (at the end of training) 
  • Longer term - 6 & 12 months after an event 
  • Engaging with ELIXIR Services, Platforms and Communities. 


1 June 2019 to 31 December 2021

Nodes involved: 


People involved: 

Gabriella Rustici
Eva Alloza
Niall Beard
Sarah Morgan
Annalisa Milano