Training Technical Infrastructure – TeSS

The focus of this task is TeSS, the ELIXIR Training Platform’s flagship resource and key reference training portal for the ELIXIR community. This is the principal channel of communication and aggregator of information about ELIXIR training events.

TeSS began as an ELIXIR-UK pilot project prior to EXCELERATE, and has matured during EXCELERATE. As of July 2018, TeSS had displayed more than 8,000 training events, with a monthly average of at least 200 upcoming events; in addition, TeSS currently holds more than 1,000 training materials, aggregated from 51 training providers, of which 13 are ELIXIR Nodes. In the last three years, TeSS has been visited by around 13,000 unique users across Europe and beyond.

This task has four main objectives:

  1. to maintain and sustain the standard minimal features of TeSS, including critical dependencies with other ELIXIR Registries and Nodes, with 3rd-party data and training content providers, etc.;
  2. to develop TeSS (i.e. add functional capabilities);
  3. to showcase, within TeSS, the training solutions available from all Nodes, both increasing their visibility and expanding the portfolio of TP’s e-learning activities; and
  4. to make the ELIXIR Training Handbook available through TeSS.


People involved: 

Niall Beard
Alexander Botzki
Susanna-Assunta Sansone
Jon Ison
Eva Alloza
Patricia Palagi
Brane Leskošek
Victoria Dominguez del Angel
Sarah Morgan
Danny Ben-Avraham
Celia van Gelder