Literature-Data Integration

The goal of this group is to explore extending the connected ecosystem to any ELIXIR data resource with the scientific literature, with a view to incorporating more orphan data and human data, and to providing connectivity with other elements of the ELIXIR infrastructure.

Aim: To increase understanding of the potential for benefits that would arise from increasing the number of ELIXIR data resources linked to each other, Europe PMC, and integrated with orphan data, where appropriate. 

 Through presentations, webinars, hackathons and staff exchange we will explore:

  • Comprehensive cross-linking at deep level between data resources, Europe PMC and researchers
  • Analytic services and API use for citation data, and crosslinks
  • Methods to deep-link curation statements
  • Integration of orphan data related to ELIXIR data resources and/or Data Management Plans via the BioStudies database
  • Supporting Interoperability Platform in initiatives to encourage and BioSchema adoption in CDRs.


People involved: 

Jo McEntyre
Aravind Venkatesan
Damiano Piovesan
Karel Berka
David Salgado
Luana Licata
Jordi Rambla
Kalle Von Feilitzen
Alan Bridge
Frank Oliver Glöckner