Developing learning paths for users of ELIXIR services

The aim of this Implementation Study is to guide ELIXIR users to identify those competencies they require and the suitable courses to acquire such competencies to be able to carry out their daily work more effectively. The Study will establish three Work Packages (WP) bridging efforts across ELIXR Platforms, key bioinformatics and data-science initiatives, and Industry partners, to meet Industry needs.

  • WP1: To define bioinformatics competencies; build a competency framework (incorporating current frameworks). From this framework design and implement training courses.
  • WP2: To map existing ELIXIR training courses to the competency framework from WP1 and make available through TeSS.
  • WP3: To link individual TeSS training resources together to form learning paths that users will be able to follow to progressively build knowledge, leveraging the competency and mapping work in WP1 and WP2.