For ELIXIR members

Not sure if you are a member of ELIXIR? Find you country in our ELIXIR Node page. You will find a contact address for your local Node page. Contact your Node and ask if your department and institute are part of the ELIXIR Node. Your local Node will have the most up-to-date information on membership.

ELIXIR group membership

  • By joining an ELIXIR group you can work with colleagues across Europe to develop services, standards and best practices in the areas of life science that interest you.
  • Each Platform, Community and Focus Group page has a "Join" button at the bottom, so you can apply to join the group you are interested in. Some of these groups are for ELIXIR members only.
  • When you join a group you will join its mailing list. Groups use their mailing lists to coordinate their activities. The footer of each group email you receive explains how you can leave the group and unsubscribe from its mailing list. 

ELIXIR All Hands meetings

  • You can join ELIXIR colleagues at the All Hands meetings, which brings together the ELIXIR community to present work, and exchange and develop new ideas.
  • You can find information on upcoming All Hands meetings in the ELIXIR Weekly Brief and in the events section of the ELIXIR website.

Opportunities for training and knowledge exchange

Opportunities to engage with industry

Support with dissemination

  • If you want to advertise an event or a news story from your Node, then you can email info [at] The Hub may be able to promote this through the main ELIXIR communication channels: Twitter, LinkedIn, the ELIXIR news page, and the ELIXIR newsletters.
  • Advertising jobs: you can advertise your jobs on the ELIXIR jobs page. Use the job vacancy form to fill in some basic details. You don't need to log in to access the form. 
  • You can join the Communications group to swap best practices and get ad hoc training in communications. This group is for ELIXIR members only.

Subscription to ELIXIR newsletters

  • You can subscribe to the newsletters that ELIXIR publishes. As a member of ELIXIR, we recommend that you subscribe to the Weekly Brief, which gives you important news and useful information from the Hub and the Nodes.
  • You can also suggest items for a newsletter. Contact info [at] if you would like to do that.

Funding via Commissioned Services

  • The Hub funds short-term technical projects to advance the work of the Platforms and Communities, and to help connect resources across the Nodes. Platforms or Communities can apply for Commissioned Services. 
  • Other funding allows you to work in another Node or with an industry partner, and facilitate knowledge exchange (see Opportunities for training and knowledge exchange).
  • You can find opportunities for travel and staff exchange advertised on the intranet home page (when you are logged in). 

Help with grant applications

  • The ELIXIR Hub can provide letters of support for EU and national funding applications. For more information, contact Andy Smith (andrew.smith [at]

Access to the ELIXIR intranet

  • If you are a member of ELIXIR and have joined a group, you will be able to log in to the ELIXIR intranet.
  • The intranet contains useful resources such as templates, logos, events guidelines, and the ELIXIR Handbook of Operations. 
  • You need to log in to the intranet to access links to restricted content like the All Hands registration link  or information about the Travel Grant and Staff Exchange Schemes (see Opportunities for training and knowledge exchange).

Fee-waiver for publications in the ELIXIR Gateway of F1000Research

  • You can publish articles, documents, posters and slides for free on the ELIXIR F1000Research Gateway
  • To submit content, just go to the Gateway page and click the "Submit" button at the top.
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